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To Puddle or Not to Puddle Your Window Treatments?

October 28, 2013

Have you ever wondered: What’s the right drapery length for your comfort zone and design style?

While many homeowners rightly wonder how high to hang their window treatments, it’s also important to consider how long to make your home’s drapery. If you like it to be crisp and contemporary, then aim for a style that barely skims the floor. But if you prefer a luxurious look, then try to puddle your drapery.

With window treatments, “puddling” refers to the amount of extra drapery length that is spilled, or puddled, onto the floor. The more the puddle, the more opulence is added to the look.

When puddles were first used by wealthy classes long ago, this style allowed the rich to show their wealth. Fabric was expensive, and puddled drapery displayed the ability to own fabric that extended more than just to the floor. Today, though, puddled drapery is available to any homeowner.

paddled curtain for luxurious bathroom

The longer the puddle, the more formal it is. While this extra-long style (pictured above) is a little too fussy for most homeowners today, puddling always feels luxurious.

If you’re wondering whether or not to puddle, consider these three points before you buy.

1. Use puddling only for stationary side panels. This style won’t work for drapery that will be opened and closed often because the fabric at the bottom would become very dirty. Keep it clean with stationary treatments.

puddled drapery breaking on the floor

This length “breaks” on the floor with 2” of additional fabric. This puddle is the most popular style today, and it can be customized for any style.

2. Know your personality. If you like things to be precise, neat and clean, then puddles are probably not for you. But if you’re okay with a little extra fabric to amp up the luxury, then you’ll love puddled drapery.

Custom contemporary window treatments not puddled

This length just “kisses” the floor. So it’s not puddled at all.

3. Think about your home’s use. If your household includes cats or small children who would be tempted to play with the extra fabric, then you may not want puddled drapery. But if that’s not a concern, then puddling is a great choice.

Extra drapery fabric creates a puddle.

This length includes about 6” of extra fabric to create a small puddle.

Would you like to try drapery puddling in your home? Call Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 for a complimentary consultation.

Authors: Christine Ringenbach and Allyson Siwajian © 2013

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