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What Style of Bergere Chair Fits You?

November 11, 2013

Jeans may change with the fashion seasons (for example, flared, boot-leg, studded or stonewashed), but this wardrobe staple isn’t going away. The same goes for the classic Bergere Chair, which changes with seasons but remains a popular decorating choice.

Like most classic decorating pieces, it’s stood the test time. Made popular in the era of King Louis XV in France, the Bergere Chair provides comfort with an elegant edge, thanks to its upholstered seatback and armrests, loose seat cushion, and exposed frame. Today, it’s as in vogue as ever, and furniture designers continue to create varied styles of this classic piece.

No matter your home’s style, the Bergere Chair is an excellent accent chair in almost any room. But which one best fits you? Look at these Bergere Chair styles, and find the chair that best suits your home’s interior design!


The Louis XV style epitomizes classic Bergere Chair details: an exposed wood frame, lush cushion (often stuffed with down), loose seat cushion, curved back, carved wood detailing, closed arms, and curved cabriole legs.  Although it’s a traditional look, as a classic, it can safely be mixed with many styles.  To give this traditional chair a less formal look, simply change the fabric to a solid, textured chenille.

Bergere Chair_Classic Louis XV


This traditional style is a good choice for a chair that will float in the room arrangement. Then instead of being set against a wall, the detailing in the back of the chair will have a chance to show off. It’s a true statement accent piece.

Traditional Bergere Chair_back view


Transitional style has many of the same features as the classic, such as exposed wood arms and legs and a loose back cushion. But its styling has been updated for a more transitional, contemporary look.  For this style, look for less-detailed carving, straight lines, and less formal fabrics.

Bergere Chair_Transitional styling


Barrel style is contemporary and fashion-forward. In the seat back frame and chair legs, the lines are straight and sleek. But it still plays off the features of a traditional Bergere Chair with its exposed wood and loose seat cushion. For added contemporary luxury, choose a check pattern woven into velvet fabric.

Bergere Chair_Barrel Version


For today’s audience, the designer of this chair has restyled the classic chair’s roots into a contemporary casual version. It features the wedge finish that’s popular in today’s furnishings—still showing exposed wood, but in very straight lines. To take this contemporary look from formal to casual, use a plain chenille fabric.

Bergere Chair_Contemporary


Wicker Bergere provides options for interior decorating and outdoor décor. Here, the large splashy print on cotton fabric, cane arm sides, and a weathered, whitewashed finish make this chair perfect for almost any casual setting.

Bergere Chair_Wicker

Would you like to see a Bergere Chair in your home? Then contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 for a complimentary decorating consultation.

AUTHORS: Allyson Siwajian with Christine Ringenbach © 2013

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