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Seven Tips to Get Your Guest Room Holiday Ready

December 9, 2013

With holidays approaching, many of us will be hosting guests overnight.  Is your guest room ready for company?

Homeowners, for a lot of us, the guest bedroom is that catch-all room that is used only sporadically by guests.  But you don’t want to spend the day before guests arrive frantically throwing the room together. Instead, be prepared. Then you can skip the stress and enjoy your guests this holiday season.

Want to ready your guest room? Try these top tips that will make your guests feel welcomed every time!

Contemporary Guest Bedroom in Dark Tones and Metallic Accents

Remember to have good lighting, a comfy chair for reading, and plenty of bedding layers for warmth.

1.  Experience: Spend a night actually sleeping in your own guest room to see what your guest will experience. Then adjust accordingly.

2.  Linens: It’s worth spending a little extra for high thread-count Egyptian cotton.  Then add two pillows per guest: one firm and one soft.

3.  Bedding: Layers work best for guests to customize their sleeping comfort.  Provide a medium-weight blanket and also a duvet (with a polyfill or down insert) that can be folded at the foot of the bed for additional warmth.

Bedside Table with Fresh Flowers and Table Lamp

Small touches make a guest feel welcome, like fresh flowers by the bed.

4.  Lighting: Don’t forget to offer good lighting for those who like to read in bed.  A three-way table lamp is always a good choice.

5.  Seating: Include a comfortable chair or a bench at the foot of the bed where guest can sit to put on shoes.  Add a lamp beside the chair, and it becomes another place to read or enjoy quiet time away from the rest of the household.

6. Window Treatments: Some people find it very hard to sleep after the sun rises in the morning, so have shades or shutters ready for privacy and light control.  Add a pair of side panels, flanking the window, for a pretty look.

7.  Storage: Although you may use this room for extra storage, try to provide at least a drawer and some closet space for guests to put away their clothes.  It’s hard to live out of a suitcase for more than a day or two.

With your guestroom ready for the holidays, relax and enjoy the company!

Looking for help with your guestroom décor this holiday season? Contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 and schedule a complimentary consultation for any room in your house.

Authors: Christine Ringenbach with Allyson Siwajian  © 2013

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