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How to Clean and Care for Custom Window Treatments

December 16, 2013

If you’ve just purchased custom drapery, you want to keep them looking as beautiful in ten years as they look today.  To do this, just be sure to care for them properly and regularly. Want to know what kind of cleaning your drapery needs? Homeowners, today take a look at how you can care for your window treatments, no matter what style!

Dining Room Window Treatment

Draperies with soft folds, like these, can be dusted and even be gently vacuumed to preserve their luxurious look.

1.  Don’t Wash Like Laundry: Never wash or launder custom treatments. Fabrics have a sizing that makes them look new and fresh, which will be compromised if laundered.

Cornice Window Treatment

You can vacuum dust from stable drapery surfaces, like this cornice.

2.  Get Rid of Dust: Your biggest enemy is dust. Twice a year, vacuum any accumulated dust from the surface of your treatments. This works especially well for stable, hard surface treatments, like cornices.  Draperies with soft folds can also be vacuumed; it just takes more time to get into all the folds.  Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum, and reduce the suction power slightly.  Then use a soft, slightly damp cleaning cloth to remove accumulated dust on drapery rods and rings.

3.  Air Dry, No Heat: Lightweight draperies, such as sheers, can even be put in the dryer on air only, no heat, tumbled with a slightly damp towel.  Loose dirt and dust will be easily removed and absorbed by the towel.   Be sure to first remove all drapery pins. After the cycle, rehang immediately and dress the draperies back into place.

4.  Dust Always, Dry Clean If Dirty: Dry clean only when draperies are actually soiled. You can keep your window treatments clean and fresh for many years with just regular dusting. Excessive dry cleaning can alter the hang of the draperies and may cause fabrics to lose their luster.

draperies in living room

For draperies difficult to remove, simply hire a trusted professional.

5.  Ask a Professional: When treatments can’t be removed for dry cleaning, call in professional upholstery cleaning service.  But before you hire cleaners, check their references carefully.  You want quality work, not just a good price point.

6.  Choose the Right Fabric For Your Needs: Remember that the beauty of certain fabrics, such as silk, is that they don’t hang and drape the same way as cottons and polyesters.  Resist temptation to iron or heavily steam them.  Linens are inherently softly wrinkled — no amount of steaming will take that away.  Either love the look of linen or choose a different fabric.

With good care, custom drapery looks beautiful for years. So take care, and enjoy!

Also, to have custom window treatments installed in your home, contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741.

Author: Christine Ringenbach, edited by Allyson Siwajian © 2013

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