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How Tall Should My Window Treatments Be?

October 14, 2013

Homeowners, have you ever wondered where exactly to hang your window treatments above your windows?

Maybe you’ve heard the old adage to hang draperies four inches above a window. But that rule was established when ceilings were only eight feet high. Today, most homes have ceilings at least nine to 10’ tall. Also, some windows have creative architectural details and invite more custom flair.

So just how long and how tall should contemporary window treatments be? When you’re hanging your window treatments, always consider the finished length and height. “For the most visual impact, I like to hang drapery as close to the ceiling as possible,” says Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach.

Hang Drapery As Close to the Ceiling As Possible

Contemporary Dining Room with Red and Black Accents

In this dining room (see photo above), the builder placed the windows low and left a lot of empty wall space between the ceiling and the windows. Imagine how this room would look if the side panels had been hung only 4″ above the windows: Boring. Instead, by hanging the curtain rod near the ceiling, the line of vision is drawn all the way up the wall. This keeps the height of the room taller, rather than cutting it off at a lower height.

Then the designer cleverly filled the empty space by mounting a bold mirror below the rod.  Notice how the design of the mirror reflects back to the graphic pattern of the drapery fabric. Together, the mirror and drapery complement the overall design and deliver a fashion-forward contemporary style.

Add a Cornice and Custom Details

Contemporary Dining Room with wall of windows

This dining room shows another good example of how an experienced designer knew just how high to mount the window treatment. Here, the window treatment is above the transom window and just below the crown molding.  Had the drapery been placed below the transom, the room would have an entirely less impressive appearance.

In this case, a cornice is also mounted over the side panels to create a traditional, two-layer window treatment. The cornice’s fabric is intentionally plain, with no pattern to compete against the side panels. But even with this simplicity, the customized accents show in the crisscrossed welting and a center medallion.

Hire a Professional Decorator to Help

While talented do-it-yourself homeowners may be up to the challenge of hanging window treatments, many homeowners often make the mistake of hanging drapery too low in the room. This is partly because they can’t find ready-made window treatments in longer lengths.

With a professional interior decorator, homeowners don’t just benefit from help with hanging window treatments. Decorators also bring access to customizable window treatments in many more styles and lengths, complete with custom dressmaker details. With a professional to help, you’ll soon find the right window treatments for any room and you’ll have help with the installation process too.

To hire help with hanging window treatments or to explore custom drapery options, call Henderson interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702.914.3741.

Authors: Christine Ringenbach with Allyson Siwajian © 2013


How to Hang Kitchen Pendant Lights

October 7, 2013

For a kitchen with an island, there’s no better choice than pendant lighting. This popular lighting fixture offers the same illumination as usual ceiling lighting. But it can also provide the right amount of task lighting for all your kitchen needs.

Want to know where to start? Homeowners, take a look at today’s kitchen pendant lighting tips from Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach.

Rustic Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are available for any style, making them a popular choice for kitchen interior design.

No Electrical? No Worries

With pendant lighting, you don’t have to worry about the electrical compatibility. Even if your kitchen hasn’t been wired for pendants, it’s usually fairly affordable to have an electrician do this for you. Also, while extras will add to the electrician’s costs, you can also ask for your pendants to coordinate with a different light switch than the room’s additional ceiling lights. Then you have the option of only illuminating the pendants for additional ambience.

Industrial Pendant Lighting

Coordinate clean industrial-style pendants with a coastal kitchen for contemporary style.

Place Your Pendants Well

Pendant light fixtures are typically hung 28”-34” above the kitchen countertop or island. You can also look to have the pendants hang about 72” from the kitchen floor. Of course, these are guidelines, not strict rules. When you hang your own pendant lights, keep the pendant high enough so it won’t interfere with someone’s line of sight as they stand and look into the kitchen. Remember: This light needs to deliver overall light and task lighting, so the height should accommodate both purposes.

Red Pendant Lighting Kitchen

Make a bold statement with colorful pendant lighting.

Know the Numbers, Seek Out Style

Pendant lighting should complement your kitchen’s overall style and can provide a splash of color to a neutral color palette. As you find the best color and style, also consider how many pendants you’ll need. For an island with barstools, try a pendant over each seating area. When in doubt, follow the Rule of Three: It’s often more pleasing to the eye to see objects grouped in odd numbers than even numbers.


Try a pendant over each seat. Here, an even number of pendants is possible since the three corbels (wood that supports the granite counter) divided the seating area into two natural spaces.

Hire A Professional

Want to avoid any costly do-it-yourself mistakes with your decorating? Invite a professional interior decorator to help. She can provide custom selection of lighting, assistance with installation, and style recommendations to coordinate pendants with your kitchen’s overall design. If you’re looking for a decorator, call Christine Ringenbach of Decorating Den Interiors at 702-914-3741 for a complimentary consultation.

Authors: Allyson Siwajian with Christine Ringenbach © 2013

Clever Use of Paint Creates Room’s Design

September 30, 2013

Every well-designed room has a creative starting point. For this bold bedroom, the interior decorator took her design inspiration from the blue and green bedding.

Contemporary Bedroom with Blue and Green Color Scheme

This bedroom didn’t always look so inviting. When the decorator arrived, she found a collection of outdated furniture and competing patterns. This room belonged to the homeowner’s teenage daughter, and she wanted to give it a more contemporary look.

BEFORE: Old bedroom

BEFORE: This outdated bedroom didn’t reflect the teenage daughter’s bright personality.

Since the homeowner had already purchased new bedding—with light green and blue hues—the professional decorator used this as inspiration. Soon she created a whole new look.

Cool Color Scheme: The decorator’s first decision was to make this room more contemporary. To do this, she highlighted the blue and green colors in the bedding. With this analogous color scheme (meaning the colors are next to each other on the color wheel), she captured a cool, crisp contemporary feel.

Strategic Striping: With the color scheme, this decorator created a most of her design with wall paint. She strategically painted bold stripes, and the wall colors gave the room instant vibrancy. Then, the decorator added grommeted stationary side panels with a contrasting fabric band at the green stripe’s height.

Balanced Edge: To finish, the decorator balanced the room’s geometrical look and crisp lines with soft edges. She added a splash of floral patterns with the bed’s pillow shams and accent pillows. Then she included round shapes for the contemporary mirror grouping above the bed.

Contrast Colors: For more metallic shine, the decorator added fashion-forward lighting. The barrel shade chandelier complemented the mirrors and contrasted well with the paint colors. The table lamps use the same technique. The metallic base complements the cool color scheme. But the white lampshade is the perfect contemporary contrast.

Would you like a professional decorator’s help with interior design inspired by a piece you already own? Then contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741.

Authors: Allyson Siwajian with Christine Ringenbach © 2013

Accent Pillows Are the New Jewelry of Home Décor

September 23, 2013

For an instant home makeover, swap out old pillows for new accent pillows in bright colors and fun patterns!

Homeowners, if you’re ready to play with new prints and colors, then try new designs for your accent pillows. They cost much less than buying new furniture, and they let you showcase stylish patterns without having to reupholster sofas or chairs. Also, as the jewelry of home décor, accent pillows provide a finishing touch that pull together almost any room.

Thinking of adding accent pillows for a home makeover? Take a look at today’s interior design tips and accent pillow ideas.

1.  Any Shape, Any Size: Accents pillows come in plenty of shapes and sizes. They can be round, boxed, rectangular, or even beach-ball shaped. Find what best fits you!

2.  Don’t Get Even; Get Odd: Don’t settle for traditional pairs. Instead, step up contemporary design styles with an odd number of pillows, like three or five. It all depends on your space!

3.  Skip the Paint; Add the Color: Pillows are a great way to add color to a room without the expense of repainting. So see what you like! Also, for homeowners who aren’t sure of their favorite colors, it’s much safer to try new colors on pillows than with paint.

4.  Be Fancy: Work within your budget and embrace a luxurious look! Pillows are a great place for interior decorators to include your favorite fabrics that are too expensive to use in large quantities, such as in drapery, but perfect for pillows.

5. Go Custom and Love ‘Em: You can find fun ready-made pillows in lots of stores. But with an interior decorator, you can customize accent pillows for many more choices! Choose your color, your pattern, and even your trim (think brush fringe, beaded tassel fringe or braided trim)!

With accents pillows as the jewelry to your home’s rooms, you’ll enjoy new styles and shades all season long!

Want to partner with a professional interior decorator for accent pillows customized to fit your style? Contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741.

Authors: Christine Ringenbach with Allyson Siwajian © 2013

Splurge This Season On These Five Decorating Pieces

September 9, 2013

As the fall season approaches, take time to refresh your home’s interior design. Last week, we took a look at seven DIY decorating tips for creative homeowners. But not all projects need to be do-it-yourself.

Homeowners, if you have bigger budgets this upcoming season, splurge on a few new pieces that will transform your rooms.

Want to know what’s the best investment this season? Take a look at these five ideas, recommended by Decorating Den Interior’s interior decorator Christine Ringenbach.

Traditional Interior Design for Living Room with Area Rug

Update a traditional home with custom crown molding, new baseboards and a large area rug to frame your living room furniture on hard surface flooring.

1. Try Crown Molding and Bigger Baseboards. 

Give your traditional living room a custom look. Just add crown molding at the ceiling. Then look at the floor. Swap old baseboards for new, larger baseboards in every main room in your home.

2. Replace Old Carpet.

No matter how much you move your furniture, sometimes it just can’t hide worn carpet. Remove that old, stained carpet for new. Then try wall-to-wall carpet in a new hue to freshen your living room or bedroom.

Metro Chic Entertainment Center

Buy a new piece of furniture for your home, like an entertainment center.

3. Repaint the Walls. 

Cover fingerprints, scuff marks or just outdated wall paint with a new color for your main rooms’ walls. When you choose a new wall paint color, invite a professional decorator to help. Then you won’t make any costly mistakes.

4. Buy a New Piece of Furniture.

Choose one piece of furniture to update in your favorite room. Sure, it could be a sofa or chair. But don’t be afraid to get creative. You might decorate with a new entertainment unit, which would become the new focal point in a room.

5. Add an Area Rug.

Have a room with all hard surfaces for flooring? Go big with a large area rug. Try at least 8’ x 10’ for size, and place it under the front legs of the sofa. Remember: A little cocktail table-sized rug will only look silly in a small space. So go big to ground your furniture, add pattern and lower the noise level in any room.

Homeowners, transform the look of your homes with one or all of these five tips for the new season. As you do, think about hiring a professional interior decorator. Christine Ringenbach offers a complimentary consultation, design inspiration, access to hundreds of custom products, and included installation. To contact her for your interior design needs, call 702-914-3741.

Enjoy the start of the autumn season with your new decorating pieces!

Author: Allyson Siwajian with Christine Ringenbach © 2013

Seven DIY Tips to Refresh Your Home Décor This Season

September 2, 2013

With the coming change of seasons, it’s time to refresh your home’s decorating. But just because you’re changing a few things here and there doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. Instead, try these seven home decorating tips for creative homeowners on a budget.

1. Refinish Your Furniture.

Check Pinterest for refinishing inspiration. Then pull old furniture out of storage or scour garage sales for furniture. Once you find your perfect piece, refinish it with style.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture.

Be brave. If your furniture has been in the same place for twenty years, it’s time to move it. First stop: the sofa. Try to place it at an angle or even float it in the room’s center, anchored by an area rug.

Chaise Lounge diagonally in traditional living room

Place sofas and chaise lounges diagonally—not flat against a wall—to give traditional rooms an updated edge. Don’t forget to add new throw pillow with dressmaker details and bold colors.

3. Change Your Decorative Pillows.

Swap out old pillows for new. Try a bold, new hue for a splash of color. Oh, and don’t forget about texture or dressmaker details.

4. Update Plumbing Fixtures.

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms. Dated fixtures make a room look old-fashioned. Plus, you might even save money since most new designs are water-efficient.

5. Re-accessorize Your Bookcases.

Tackle that built-up dust. Then once you’ve cleaned the shelves, find a fun way to rearrange bookshelves and pot shelves with all the right accessories.

Decorate a crisp, natural office

Avoid clutter and neatly accessorize shelves, like in this crisp, natural office space.

6. Assess Your Artwork.

Take down all your artwork, and rearrange it. Create a new collage from art hanging helter-skelter around the house. Then think carefully about what else you put back on the walls: Do you really need all those family photos?

7. Reupholster Your Chairs. 

Update your kitchen and dining room chairs with new fabric. Reupholster chairs for an inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) project, or contact a professional upholsterer for relatively affordable work.

For these autumn decorating ideas, you can try each tip yourself or bring in a professional interior decorator who can fit your budget and find new ways to update your home’s style.

Want to see what an interior decorator could do for you? Contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 for a complimentary consultation.

Check back next week for decorating tips for bigger budgets this fall season.

Authors: Allyson Siwajian and Christine Ringenbach © 2013

Build a Custom Window Seat for your Home

August 26, 2013

What’s not to love about a window seat?  Whether you want a chic space to lounge in your master bedroom or a whimsical play place for your little girl’s room, window seats provide comfort, style and a refreshing look at the outdoors.


Many homes already have these special seats built in beneath a well-placed window. In this case, we just have to decorate them to make these areas our own!

But don’t have a window seat? Don’t worry. Houses often have bay windows, and that makes the perfect place for a custom-built window seat.  For quality construction and style, it’s easy to invite a carpenter to build your window seat. Then you can enjoy a custom space that fits the space and your home’s style.

master bedroom window seat decor


While window seats look beautiful, they also serve many more purposes. Window seats are cozy spots for kids to curl up with a book or a few stuffed animals. Pets also love this comfortable spot.

While you can lounge on a window seat, it also provides additional storage. For this, a carpenter can include a lift-top in the seat. Then you can enjoy an extra place to neatly tuck away items you need to store.

Of course, window seats can even become an architectural feature. Then its custom style can bring new life to an otherwise bland room.

decorate a girl's bedroom window seat


To bring more visual interest, you’ll also want to properly decorate your window seat to match the style of the room. It’s almost impossible for homeowners to find bench cushions to fit window seats. But here’s a trick: Find the right fabric to coordinate with the style of the room, and ask a professional upholsterer to make a custom-fit bench cushion.

Since it’s custom, the cushion can include lots of dressmaker details, such as welting, shirred fabric sides, tufted buttons and zipper closures. If the cushion will be used often by children or by pets, then the fabric can also be laminated for easy cleaning.

While the cushion and its details can be custom-made to complement other features in the room (like custom window treatments and bedding), the window seat’s design is best finished with throw pillows. These pillows can add more comfortable seating, and they easily act as accent pieces for the window seat’s décor.

With custom coordinated fabrics, soft colors, and personal touches, this bedroom is perfect for a little girl.

Want your own custom window seat to enjoy? Then contact Henderson, Nev. interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 for a complimentary consultation. With her industry contacts (including carpenters and upholsters) and design expertise, you’ll soon enjoy a window seat that fits your home and your lifestyle!

Author: Christine Ringenbach, edited by Allyson Siwajian © 2013